Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year in Review

happy-holidays-graphics2 After looking at other bloggers talk about their year, I thought I would include an overview of my year too on this last day of 2009. It was interesting to look back over the year and see how much I have accomplished. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised because I had forgotten how much I have done and feel that I have had a very productive year.

January – I gave a presentation at the South Carolina Council for Exceptional Children Conference in Charleston. Then we went to Arlington, VA so I could attend the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Board of Directors meeting. My hubby spent a lot of time visiting a lot of the Smithsonian museums.

February – I found a local knitting group as well as an online group to help her get better at knitting. I have been knitting a lot of prayer shawls. Now I am into knitting socks in between the prayer shawls.

March – We began our trip out west. We drove through Nashville and St. Louis. Then we stopped in Kansas to see the Cosmosphere and the Salt Mine. It was really exciting to meet online friends in person (Howie G, Joel, Ande, Shelly, Kevin, and Michelle! We got to Colorado Springs in time for a blizzard. We had to stop in Oregon to buy chains for our car. You can read more about our April Adventures on Pat’s Loonyhiker Blog (March)

April – We arrived in Seattle for the national Council for Exceptional Children Conference. After the weeklong conference we explored Washington and Oregon. We even took a tour of the Boeing plant. While in Oregon, We got to meet another online friend and her children in person (Meg, Emma, and George). We were able to visit a lot of different national parks. You can read more about our April Adventures on Pat’s Loonyhiker Blog (April).

May – We came home from our long trip around Mother’s Day. Then we spent the next couple of weeks working on our house and yard.

June – I taught a graduate class for Furman (Nature of Learning Disabilities). My students were teachers getting their Master’s degree in Special Education.

July – Pat taught a graduate class for Furman (Learning Disabilities Practicum). I got to play “principal” to a school of 20 special ed students and five teachers. The teachers were my students and I was able to review their lesson plans and observe their teaching practices.

August – We headed north to visit family in New York and then explore the New England states. We were excited to meet another online friend and her husband in person (Diane)!

September – We went on two cruises in the Caribbean (Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Sea and Carnival Glory)

October – I had an online meeting using Flashmeeting with a group from Minnesota CEC in order to show them how we hold our local CEC meetings. I felt that we accomplished a lot and it was exciting to show them a wonderful new resource. My online friend, Diane, came to Charlotte, NC for a conference so we drove up to spend some time with her. Then we went to Arlington, VA for the Council for Exceptional Children Board of Directors meeting. After the meeting, we drove to Daytona Beach to spend a week with Pat’s parents at our timeshare.

November – We worked on one of our rental houses which needed a lot of work. We painted all of the rooms and the garage plus made repairs that were necessary. Now we just have to get it rented out again.

December – We went on two more cruises in the Caribbean (Carnival Dream and Carnival Miracle). My 90 year old father was hospitalized for a bleeding ulcer (which we think was caused by the medicine he was on to prevent another stroke). They had to do emergency surgery and thankfully got the bleeding stopped. I am so thankful that he is still with us.

It has been a busy year but we are so thankful for all of our family and friends who touched our lives. We have been truly blessed with good health and happiness this year! May this coming year bring you the brightest and best times of your life!

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