Thursday, January 1, 2009

In the Year 2008…

I’ve seen some others do this and thought it would be a great way to review the year and the highlights of each month so here it is. When I was writing all that I accomplished I felt proud of this past year and was actually surprised that I had done so much. Come with me on a journey into this past year.

January – went to Arlington, VA for CEC board meeting; went up to NJ to visit friend and then Philadelphia to visit my nephew; found out about Twitter; attended educon2.0 online

February – My hubby’s birthday! Preplanning for big trip out west and up north.

March – attended the SCCEC conference in Spartanburg, SC; headed up north to spend a week on Long Island with family and visit New York City.

April, May, June – attended CEC convention in Boston, MA; Met some of my Twitter buddies in person; came home for one day and then headed out west. Went to the Grand Canyon NP, Phoenix (stayed a week with my friend Kathy), Joshua Tree NP, Disneyland, up the coast of CA, Hearst’s Castle, San Francisco, Reagan, Nixon, and Clinton’s Presidential Libraries, Edward’s AFB, Jelly Belly Factory, saw my cousin Tommy (who I haven’t seen in over 30 years), Trinity Bay (to see our friends Karen and Steve), Crater Lake NP in Oregon, Lava Beds NM, Yosemite NP, Oklahoma City Memorial, Hot Springs NP in Arkansas, and the Ozarks.

July – was supposed to teach a graduate course which ended up being cancelled due to low enrollment; Did lots of gardening; joined Plurk (which has been my lifeline to my PLN)

August – went to Niagara Falls which was awesome!

September, October, November –went to all of the Furman home football games and some away games

October – went to Arlington, VA for CEC board meeting

November – helped coordinate the Passport to Success for special ed students in our county; spent Thanksgiving with my parents in FL; left for 3 cruises (Carnival Miracle – 8 days, Carnival Splendor – 7 days, and Holland America Statendam – 14 days); in Barbados we were pleasantly surprised to our friends Karen and Steve at the beach and they were on a different cruise ship, spent a day with our friend’s daughter and son in law who live on Curacao.

December – spent Christmas with my parents in FL and it was so warm!

As I begin this New Year I hope to accomplish some of the following goals:

1. Enjoy another trip out west for 3 months including the annual CEC conference in Seattle, WA.
2. Finish up my last year on the CEC Board of Directors (only allowed to serve 2 consecutive terms)
3. Clean out gardening shed
4. Reorganize storage building
5. Reclaim my formal dining room (boxes from school when I retired still cover the floor)
6. Continue writing in my blog, building and learning from my PLN; and keeping current with educational issues
7. Lose some weight and eat sensibly
8. Continue to walk for exercise
9. Try new recipes
10. Enjoy life!

I wish you and your family a healthy and happy New Year!

Original image: 'Lifetime calendar' Gilberto Santa Rosa


Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle @ #5. That box thing is an occupational hazard thing, isn't it? My 'teacher stuff' makes up the greatest percentage of my possessions. I wonder if it will change when I become a homeowner?

Leslie said...

I wish I could clean out my garage - my son took it over for his broken down sports car over a year ago...

The car is in 400 pieces mostly over my side of the garage!

Wow - you have been to Niagara Falls and to the Grand Canyon!

loonyhiker said...

margaret: it is hard for me to part with any of them because I keep thinking - what if I go back to teaching?

loonyhiker said...

Leslie: I think in the summer that it is too hot to clean the shed and then in the winter it is too cold. I'm just going to bite the bullet this winter and clean it out thinking there will be less bugs. This year I hope to visit the National Parks in Washington State and possibly Rocky Mtn. National Park in Colorado.