Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Newspaper Front Pages

The other day on Twitter, Cheryl Oakes gave a link to the Newseum Today’s Front Pages and it was all the front pages of newspapers on the day of the Inauguration. They chronicle events of historic significance. Then I began to think of how I could use this in the classroom because it seems like a wonderful resource!

1. It would be great to compare what the major news stories are from different states or regions.
2. If we were studying the parts of the newspaper, we could look at the different parts of the front page like headlines, dates, bylines etc.
3. Have different students summarize different front page articles from different states and share with the class. They would learn what issues each state faces.
4. Look at news from other countries to see how they perceive the US.
5. Have students share their opinions of different articles.
6. Discuss “point of view” and “bias” in news reporting.
7. Discuss what makes a good headline.
8. I can also view archived front pages so it would make a great history lesson about a specific topic listed.

Can you think of other ways I could use this in the classroom? Please share your ideas and comments. Thanks!


Cheryloakes50 said...

Hello Pat, you just created a great resource for people. Yes, I do love Newseum.org because it will help to remind us that we are just a fraction of the population on our planet.Keep on sharing.

loonyhiker said...

Cheryl: I remember going to the Newseum at its old location before it ever charged anyone for admission. It was a wonderful place.