Monday, January 12, 2009

Listen, Listen

I recently received a book to review for The Picnic Basket. I do not get paid to do this but I feel that this is a great way to help teachers and parents find appropriate books for their children. This was my first book that I reviewed and I was delighted that they sent me such a great book to read.

Title: Listen, Listen
Author: Phillis Gershator
Illustrator: Alison Jay
Publisher: Barefoot Books

Here was my review that I gave:

The illustrations on the cover and throughout the book were the first thing that grabbed me. I think they will appeal to young children immediately. This book would be great used with lessons on Sounds or one on Seasons. The text also uses rhyming words which would be great for a lesson on Rhymes. The author of the book also asks you to find specific pictures on the pages at the end of the book and these words would be great for a vocabulary lesson. I give this book a rating of 5 (5 stands for Strongly Recommend – This book is so delectable that it calls for a picnic just to read it. I might even skip desert to read it or enjoy the book and the strawberry shortcake. Definitely part of the gourmet, decadent picnic basket.) and feel that young readers of all ages would enjoy this book.

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