Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Top Ten Memories of 2008

I was tagged by Bill Gaskins of Blogging on the Bay for this meme and I loved the topic he chose so I’m copying the topic. (But these are not in order of any importance but rather how they came into my mind.)

1. Our 3 cruises in the Caribbean on the Carnival Miracle, Carnival Splendor, and the Holland America Statendam.
2. Being at the beach in Barbados and serendipitously meeting up with friends Steve and Karen who were on our cruise last year. We spent the whole day together having fun.
3. Our trip to Niagara Falls in August (one of the “gotta do before I die” places on my bucket list)
4. In April, attending the Council for Exceptional Children Annual Convention in Boston where I met some of my Plurk and Twitter friends as well as the Fonz (Henry Winkler).
5. Our three month trip out west in our Toyoto Prius and seeing the Grand Canyon and Crater Lake National Parks for the first time.
6. Visiting Presidential libraries (Reagan, Nixon, Clinton, Carter, Wilson)
7. Hiking through Lava tubes in Lava Beds National Monument.
8. Spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with my dad (he’s 89) and stepmom (she’s 84).
9. Spending time learning more about technology and education and making lots of new friends through blogs, Twitter, and Plurk.
10. Being a part of Passport to Success that will help special ed students transition into the world after high school.

Original image: 'sadness' Sheldon Wood

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