Thursday, November 11, 2021

Giving Good Customer Service

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“Great customer service pays for itself.”

Teaching is just another form of customer service. Our students are the customers. Their parents are the customers. Taxpayers are the customers.

When I teach my students to be successful, I’m showing customers that they are getting good value for their money.

I cringe when I hear teachers ridicule students or their parents. I want to yell at them that if they were a salesperson in a store, their boss would fire them for talking about customers this way. They would be told that being in sales is not the right position for them. I feel the same way about teachers. If you can’t respect students and their parents, then you shouldn’t be in teaching.

Being patient and willing to help students be successful is my job. That is part of the customer service that I have been trained for.

This customer service has come back to me many times and helped me from getting burned out. During my low times, I have had students and parents who encouraged me and thanked me for my hard work. Those are the times that have helped me overcome my struggles and continue to work in the classroom.

Recently I met a student who was in my classroom 16 years ago! I was actually on a trip and was about 600 miles away from home when we stopped for dinner. The manager in the restaurant came up to us and she recognized me after all these years! I was so proud to see her and know that she was successful in her life. She is independent and pays her own bills. This is how I know that good customer service pays for itself.

Do you feel that teaching is customer service? Why or why not? Please share.

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

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