Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Conducting an FBA

Here is another question posted on my special education forum. I shared the question and my answer.


Hello everyone! I am a K-2 self-contained special education teacher. And I need to do a FBA on a student in my classroom. I am familiar with the parts of a FBA (Indirect, descriptive, functional analysis). And I have 'book knowledge' of the functional analysis part of the FBA. But I have never conducted one. I cannot find a great youtube video on how to do one in a busy classroom. Btw, leaving the room and doing it elsewhere is not really an option. Can anyone share how they are doing this in their classrooms? Thanks!

My answer:

I'm a visual learner so when I start in a new district, I asked for a sample copy of an FBA that a teacher in that district has completed and used as a guide. You might ask another special ed teacher in your school if you can see a copy of one that they did. I always found this helpful. Usually, the district I was in had a specific form that they wanted us to use. When conducting a meeting, I basically followed the form and went through each item during the meeting.

I think you might be asking how to do data collection for your student. I found this great resource from that I use in my graduate classes. You might find it helpful. would you have answered this question? Please share.

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