Thursday, February 11, 2021

Covid Attack

Well, we finally became part of the statistics. It has been determined that we have covid.

My husband went to the doctor after having a fever for 10 days. He was also achy and having chills. One thing that concerned us was that he had an abscessed tooth pulled and we were afraid the infection had gotten in his bloodstream and had sepsis. He had been taking Augmentin meanwhile to fight the infection but he still had a fever. He was given the flu and covid test which were extremely painful for him. He tested positive for covid. When I asked if I needed to be tested since we were together all the time, the doctor said that I should assume I had it too since I was so congested.

We had very little appetite, and nothing tasted right. We ate lots of soup and made sure we stayed hydrated.

Finally, after 12 days of fever, his temperature started reading normally again. Hopefully, things will start tasting normal again.

We are lucky that our cases were mild enough not to need hospitalization.

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