Tuesday, January 5, 2021

2020 Goals Review for December

This month was a really hard month for me. Dyanna and Earl came to visit for a week so our exercise and eating healthy went out the window. The holiday was tough for me because this was the second year without my parents. Then we had a bike hit us in the back of our car and we had to deal with insurance companies which stressed me out and caused me to overeat.

In spite of all this, I feel like I accomplished all of my goals this year and I’m so proud of myself! I really worked hard this year to accomplish this.

1. Lose 5 lbs. – I met this goal! – I have lost 7 lbs. this year! I’m so pleased with this!

2. Crafts – completed 4 out of my 5 goals. One of them was unattainable after further investigation.

3. Read 12 nonfiction books that are related to nature. – Completed.

How was your progress towards your goals for last year? Please share.

Photo by 30daysreplay (PR & Marketing) on Unsplash

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