Thursday, September 10, 2020

Positive Thinking

In Optimism as a choice from Seth Godin's Blog, Seth Godin states,

“Positive thinking doesn’t solve every problem. But it’s a much better tool than negative thinking.”

It is so easy to get into the rut of negative thinking. Negative thinking is so much easier to do. For some reason, negative thinking floats to the top much easier than positive thinking does. Why is positive thinking so much heavier?

Is it because it is easier to believe negative thinking? Is it easier to think the worst than hope for the best?

When I have negative thinking, everything seems hopeless. I feel helpless and out of control. There is nothing that I can do that will make a difference. Why should I bother even trying? What good will it do? How can someone like me make any kind of difference?

I find that I am more able to solve problems when I am being more positive. When I’m being positive, I can hope to find a solution. I know there is an answer out there and I just have to find it. I need to keep trying and not give up. Even someone like me can make a difference. It reminds me of how a tiny pebble that is thrown into a huge body of water can still cause a ripple.

Sometimes when I get discouraged about my teaching ability, I try to remind myself this. I have a friend who is going through student teaching and is feeling overwhelmed. I want to reassure her that even experienced teachers feel this way.

There are some days that are lessons don’t go the way we hope and expect. That is okay. We just need to try to do better next time.

There are times that we don’t act the way we think was best. That is okay. It is important to reflect and see what happened and why we acted the way we did. Have a plan on how you will act differently if the situation happens again. With a plan, it is easier to know what to do.

There are some days that we are just not the best that we hope to be. That is okay. We all have bad days. It is important not to consistently have too many bad days in a row. If this happens, then some changes need to be made either in our thinking, acting, or teaching.

The important thing is to not let the negative thoughts win. You can’t make progress with negative thoughts. They are a dead end and leads nowhere.

Positive thoughts lead to hope. They lead to possible solutions. They lead to progress. Eventually they will lead to success in whatever you hope to do in life.

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

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