Monday, September 14, 2020

Bitmoji for the Classroom

I recently was contacted by Paul Burke, VP of Simple Slides. He wanted to gift teachers 100+ Free Bitmoji Classroom Templates.

Here is the press release:

Newest Trend for Engaging Students Virtually? 

Bitmoji Classrooms - Simple Slides Launches Bundle of 100+ Bitmoji Slides and Templates for Educators

SEATTLE, WA - -Simple Slides, a Seattle-based company offering the largest library of PowerPoint Slides and Templates online, is offering a new product designed specifically for educators… and restless students.

They are donating the first 5,000 orders to teachers for free.

The company’s Bitmoji Classroom Template and Slides Pack is the first and largest offering of Bitmoji Classroom Templates online.

“There are a number of teachers in my family and we’ve been having conversations for weeks about how education is changing,” says Paul Burke, VP of Simple Slides. “As soon as they mentioned this idea of Bitmoji classrooms, it became obvious that there was an incredible need to help teachers adapt to teaching online”.

Searches for Bitmoji classroom templates have exploded in recent weeks as Labor Day weekend approaches signaling the start of school for many districts.

While teachers can design their own classroom templates, it's a “tedious process,” says Burke.

The templates have a variety of backgrounds for science, math, language arts, history, space and more. Included are items frequent in classrooms like whiteboards--where teachers can pin assignments, videos and lesson plans--posters with inspirational quotes, chairs, plants and more.

“Especially now, educators need to deliver variety, spontaneity and fun to their students. This is an easy and fresh way to keep students engaged,” says Tom Cote, CEO of Simple Slides.”

I hope you check these out. It seems like they can be very useful!

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