Thursday, January 16, 2020

Tropical Post Card Club

Last weekend we joined the Tropical Postcard Club. What a wonderful group! We met a lot of people who lived quite a distance from the club meeting. For 2 hours they looked, traded, or bought each other’s postcards that were brought and then had a business meeting. They discussed an upcoming postcard show that the club will be hosting in February. The show will be held at the Emma Lou Olson Civic Center in Pompano Beach on February 8.  

At the end of the business meeting, they had “show and tell” which I found very interesting. I can see how this “show and tell” would be extremely useful in the classroom.

One person had a framed exhibit which was wonderful. It was in a poster frame and he used photo corners so the postcards could be changed for a different exhibit. I could see this being done in the classroom. Each student could have their own exhibit and then share it with the class. Or the teacher can gather postcards for a specific topic to enhance the unit lesson.

Another person showed a license plate made from a postcard picture. He had the license plate and the postcard that was used. This would be a fun research project for students. Have the find ways that postcards are used other than for mail.

Someone had a collection of postcards signed by the artist, Ellen Clapsaddle. These are very collectible and expensive. Students could research this artist or find other people important to postcard collectors.

One man had his collection of the SS Eastland disaster that happened on the Chicago River in 1915. 884 people died when the ship rolled completely on its side while docked. This club member shared the postcards he had showing the disaster and the aftermath. There were postcards showing the removal of bodies. It was a very moving display of postcards and made me want to know more about this disaster. Students might enjoy finding historical events that interest them and sharing with the class information they find about the disaster.   

We really enjoyed this meeting and look forward to attending future meetings.

Do you belong to a postcard club? Please share?

Original picture by Pat Hensley

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