Monday, January 13, 2020

Girl Scouts Stamp

This stamp was issued in 1962 to honor the 50th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America.

Girl Scouts is an organization for girls in the United States and American girls living abroad. The Girls Scouts were founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912. Girl Scouts offer leadership experience for girls. It is a safe place for girls to try new things and develop new skills. Skills in four areas form the foundation of the Girl Scout program: Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), Outdoors, Life Skills and Entrepreneurship. Girl Scouts help girls thrive in five ways: by developing a strong sense of self, displaying positive values, seeking challenges and learning from setbacks, forming and maintaining healthy relationships, and learning to identify and solve problems in her community.

One big fundraiser that Girl Scouts have been selling Girl Scout cookies. The money helps to fund trips to our nation’s capital to community projects to outdoor adventures. Selling cookies help girls learn to be entrepreneurs and gain skills from working with others, setting goals, and dealing with customers. She learns goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Girls earn badges when they complete and master certain skills. Girls can earn badges in the following categories: financial literacy, STEM, outdoors, life skills, entrepreneurship, art, citizenship, relationships, health, cybersecurity, robotics, mechanical engineering, environmental stewardship, space science, coding, and high adventure.

There are six different levels of groups within the Girl Scout program. Daisies are K-first grade. Brownies are second and third graders. Juniors are fourth and fifth graders. In grades K-5, the girls earn badges, join troops, hike, and camp and participate in the cookie program. Cadettes are sixth through eighth-graders. Seniors are ninth and tenth graders. Ambassadors are eleventh and twelfth graders. In middle and high school, the girls explore careers in science and technology, travel the world, discover nature and take on projects that help their communities.

Activities for the classroom:

1.     Have students write a story about a Girl Scout and something special she did for her community.
2.     Have students design badges for new skills or alternative badges for ones already designed.
3.     Have students research Juliette Gordon Low and why she founded the Girl Scouts.
4.     Have students research the girl scout motto and discuss it.
5.     Design a new stamp to honor Girl Scouts.

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