Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Why All the Questions

In But what is this question for? From Seth Godin's Blog,  Seth Godin states,

“If you are asked a question in a job interview, on stage or even on a date, there’s probably a reason, and the reason might not be because the person asking wants to know your answer.”

Sometimes you may think you are asked a crazy question and even think the person asking it is crazy but usually most people have a reason for asking the question.

I know a friend who was a manager at Cracker Barrel and would interview people at a table in the dining area. After looking over the application, the manager would ask them if they could move to a table in a different area because he forgot that they are doing some cleaning in this particular area. As they walk to the new area, the manager can observe and see how quickly the applicant moves and the body language as they move from one area to another. The manager told me that he can learn a lot just from observing body language and movement. He can see if the person will hustle in the dining room or sluggishly move around. He needed someone who was agile and a mover.

Sometimes you are asked about your hobbies in an interview. An interviewer can learn a lot about the applicant this way. Are the hobbies risky and would they possibly cause the employee to miss work a lot? Do the hobbies require the applicant to be out of town a lot? If the hobby consists of using their hands to build or manipulate things, an employer might see this as an asset for a specific position in the company.

A question about volunteer work might be asked. This would show an interviewer how well you take the initiative and whether you like helping others even if you don’t get paid. It tells about your character also.

You might be asked to fill out a form in front of the interviewer. This will show them how legible your handwriting is, how well you spell, and if you can read.

Remember to think about the questions you are asked and that your answers and body language may reveal more than you think.

What other questions are deeper than face value? Please share.

Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

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