Thursday, April 25, 2019

Tree Cutting

Recently we had a tree cut down in our yard and it was a very educational experience for me. This eighty-foot tree was between our house and the neighbor’s house. Unfortunately, it was dying and one of the limbs had already fallen and broken our neighbor’s window. After getting some estimates, we chose Southern Tree Experts. The price was right, and they were licensed and insured.

On the first day, the five men came and cut down the tree. It was amazing at the precision they used to cut it down. It took 8 hours but the finally got it cut down. One man was up in the bucket truck and trimmed the limbs first. It was fascinating to see how he tied the rope and then cut the limb so it would fall exactly where he wanted it to. You could tell that he had many years’ experience doing this.

After the one man cut the limbs, the others either cut them smaller with another chain saw or fed the smaller limbs into the wood chipper.

The next day they came out and used a stump grinder to grind the stump down. Then they cleaned up everything.

The only thing that couldn’t be helped was the ruts the trucks and equipment in the yard but eventually, I will have all of that fixed up. The other thing that happened was a corner of my walkway was broken when the tree fell. But no other damage was done, and I was happy with the job.

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