Monday, April 22, 2019

Remember the Rainforest

I was recently this message about this site, Remember the Rainforest and it intrigued me. I went through the links and thought it was worth sharing. I was impressed by all the graphics and information that was shared. I also like the Lesson Plans that were given and how it was separated into groups of grades from K-12 so that the activities would be appropriate for the age group. If you have time, check it out because I think you would enjoy it.

“The Green Oasis is Eco media produced by from the work of the 19thC explorers. Featuring a rare hydrographic map, this free digital installation says it all with over 200 images of plants, animals and scenes. It should be displayed in schools, museums, public buildings, nature centers etc.

Imagine The Green Oasis being projected at night toward white buildings in Egypt and Tanzania where Montessori scholars are translating Remember the Rainforest 1. They are preparing for EDN's Teach-in Earth Day 2020. The Green Oasis is an introduction to Remember the Rainforest 1 and an invitation to celebrate the Earth, not just for Earth Day, but everyday.  Best, Alberto and Carol Miranda Chor, Eco Artists”

Easy Guide for Teachers and Students Remember the Rainforest 1 Title page :

Index : Travels in Brazil 1824 and Flora Brasiliensis 1840

Activities Lessons : Earth Day or any day

Go exploring : Meet the Strangers
Open a page from the Expedition journal, click on Latin plant and animal names, and try to identify the “strangers”. Search by pasting the Latin name on Google.

More downloadable images :

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