Monday, September 10, 2018

Quality, Not Quantity

“If we really want an excellent and equitable education system we need to focus more on what our students are doing in school instead of how much time they spend there.”

Over the years I have heard that the legislature wants to add more hours to the school day or make the school day longer. It irritates me because it doesn’t seem like lawmakers ask the teachers what is really needed to help our students. They make everything quantitative when they should be looking for quality and not quantity.

I am always amazed how much time we spend going to assemblies, sports rallies, and wasting too much time on things that really don’t seem to help the students. Students can even tell that their time is wasted so it is no wonder that many of them see school as irrelevant.

We focus so much on testing that we teach to the tests rather than teaching students the things that will help them survive and be successful in life. When I hear people talk about how school was so much better in the “olden days,” I feel the big difference is that we focus too much on testing in today’s educational society.

I need to use time with students making their learning relevant. I know we have to have high standards, but I think I can easily meld standards with relevant learning.

First I need to get student input on what they want to learn. If they don’t know, then I need to open up opportunities for them to explore and see what they want to learn.

Once I find out the things they want to learn, I think I can easily fit reading and math standards to this learning. Learning the background and history of certain things can also help add science and history standards.

There is no “one size fits all” in learning and I  need to make the effort to go one step beyond for our students so that they have a quality education and a successful future.

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

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