Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Changing History

Over the years, I have seen school standards, curriculum, and even museum exhibits change history as children learn about the past.

Events that I’ve lived through personally are either left out or written from a different perspective that I’ve experienced. This can change total meaning when children in the future learn about the past.

I’ve been to Presidential Museums where certain things have been omitted and over the years, may be forgotten.

I grew up in the North and learned about the Civil War from a totally different perspective than the Civil War that I was required to teach in the South.

My parents experienced the Communist takeover of China and their real stories were very different than the things I was taught in school in America. In fact, one of my teachers called me a liar and humiliated me in class when I shared some of my parents’ stories. My parents were highly offended by this and there was a big conference at school about this!

Recently I read an article, “Texas education board workgroup changes course on "heroic" Alamo defenders” that is another example of this.

I think that is why it is so important that we interview people and record their stories in today’s world for future generations to hear first-hand what people have experienced. Hearing the person’s actual words can’t be changed through omission or amending any statements.

Years ago, I was able to get an author to come to speak at our school. She had written a book called The Four Perfect Pebbles and she had been held in the same concentration camp as Anne Frank. What a wonderful experience for my students and for my community!

Not many WWII survivors are still living, and we need to get their stories recorded.

There are so many local, state, and national events that are happening and I believe we need to get these events recorded from different perspectives so that future generations can get a better picture of what actually is happening.

Too many times textbooks and standards are changed until the history being taught is not necessarily the history that actually happened!

Have you seen history being changed? Please share.

Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash

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