Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Life’s Direction

“What gives your life direction?”

I am truly a blessed person. There have been very few times when I didn’t know what direction I was going. I seem to have always known what I want to do and will work hard to achieve it. I guess that is the way my parents raised me because they instilled in me that if I wanted something bad enough, with hard work, I can do anything.

I have always wanted to make a difference. That is why I became a teacher. I feel in the years of teaching in public school, I was able to make a difference in many students’ lives. I continue to teach at the university level because I feel I can help teachers make a difference in their students’ live.

I want to be a better person. I’m not perfect and I never will be but I can try to work towards that perfection. This goal helps me do the right things even if I really don’t want to do them.

My family helps give my life direction. During those times when I falter and I’m ready to give up, they are always there to encourage me. If I fail, my husband is always there to help me regroup and try again. He helps me see that failures aren’t bad but an opportunity to refine my thinking to make my outcome even better.  

This is what I also want for my students. I want them to figure out what gives their life direction. I want them to see what they need to do to reach their goals and give them assistance if they need it. I also want them to learn how to rebound and not give up when things get tough. Sometimes it just involves being there and listening to them. Sometimes it is important to help them see options that they are unaware of but because of my own life experiences, I can see more choices.

How do you help students figure out what gives their life direction? Please share.

Photo by Daniel Gonzalez on Unsplash

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