Thursday, June 30, 2016

J is for Journey

The grad class that I’m teaching is beginning and I love to see these teachers on their new journey. All of my students are certified teachers getting their master’s degree in special education.

Next week our Summer Learning Place begins which is a month long program to help children who have learning and/or behavior problems. Lessons will include reading, math, and writing lessons and each class will have a behavior plan. The children (ages 6-14) will attend for 3 hours each morning Monday through Thursday.

Yesterday was the first class meeting with my students who began planning for their class. This includes creating pre-assessments and discussing the class routine.

I heard one teacher say that she never had to collaborate with another teacher in the same classroom before and this was going to be a challenge.

While listening to the teachers, I was glad to hear the excitement in their voices. I didn’t see any reluctance on anyone’s part and they seemed to be totally involved.

I too am excited each year to watch the journey that each teacher takes as they practice their skills with the children. Many things can’t be learned from textbooks and can only be learned through experience. I will be evaluating their lesson plans and their performances in the classroom. This is their chance to show me all that they have learned in the master’s program. Yet, I am also a valuable resource for them in case they need guidance for specific challenges.

I feel each year that I teach this class I go on a journey with my students and each year is different than the one before it. Depending on the mix of teachers, the atmosphere is very different. I just hope the journey this year is meaningful and enjoyable to all.

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