Monday, June 13, 2016

C is for Courage

It takes courage to be a teacher.

In today’s society, being a teacher can have a pretty negative connotation and not everyone is cut out to be a teacher in the face of such adversity

Among the negative stuff flying around, there are still many good teachers out there who make a positive difference and deserve a medal in courage. These teachers are:

1.     Teachers who are willing to put up with unwanted, unnecessary, and unearned parents’ verbal abuse because some parents don’t like their baby being reprimanded in any way.

2.     Teachers who are lied about by angry students who haven’t gotten their way.

3.     Teachers who are buried under mounds of paperwork just so they can make a difference in a student’s life.

4.     Teachers who go to work early and stay late even though they aren’t paid extra to do so in order for students to have a rich experience in the classroom.

5.     Teachers who go to extracurricular events to support the students even thought there are times that teachers even have to pay with their own money to get into these events.

6.     Teachers who spend their summer vacation going to classes or seminars in order to stay current on best practices in the classroom.

7.     Teachers who suffer from inadequate leadership but stay in the situation because the students need somebody.

8.     Teachers who see a frustrated student and refuse to give up on them.

9.     Teachers who spend their personal time researching ways to enrich their classroom lessons.

10.  Teachers who are willing to give their best so that the student can succeed.

So the next time you see a teacher, give them a pat on the back and some sincere encouragement because not only do they need it but because they deserve it!

What would you add to my list? Please share.

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