Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday is Father’s Day in the USA (I’m not sure if other countries celebrate this or if it is even the same day as ours). Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!

My father will be 97 this December and still going strong. He has experienced so much in his life that many will only read about in history books. He has been alive during WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War and War on Afghanistan. He has been alive during Women Suffrage, Segregation, Queen Elizabeth takes the throne, the Moon walk, the Space Shuttle, Mars exploration, Castro takes power in Cuba, and the beginning of the internet. He has been alive during 17 different US President’s terms of office.

He has seen the inventions of many things such as pop up toasters, short wave radios, band-aids, robots, television, self winding watches, frozen food, iron lung, discovery of penicillin, bubble gum, car radios, scotch tape, jet engines, parking meters, stereo records, canned beer, radar, ball point pen, Teflon, helicopter, aerosol cans, slinky, silly putty, atomic bomb, microwave oven, Tupperware, Frisbee, Velcro, credit cards, superglue, diet soft drinks, transistor radios, hula hoop, Barbie Doll, audio cassettes, astro turf, soft contact lenses, handheld calculators, artificial heart, VCR, MRI, personal computers and cell phones.

He came to the USA as a young boy, served in the army during WWII, and worked hard all his life. He has been able to touch so many lives and continues to do so every day.

I hope that I will live at least as long as him and able to see so many different historical events take place. I’m so proud of my father and all the he has personally accomplished in life.

Happy Father’s Day Papa!

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Ruth Colville said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father! It's also a great reminder of all the changes his generation has experienced. Thanks for the reminder.