Monday, December 14, 2015

Good Manners

Last week we went to Disney World and was at Epcot in line for a ride called The Sum of All Thrills. This is one of my favorite rides because you design the ride yourself and then get to experience it.

While we were in line, there were a couple of young girls behind us. The youngest girl accidentally bumped my husband with her Mickey Mouse ears and apologized profusely. She was so charming. Her older sister was quieter but equally nice. We struck up a conversation and they were so polite and delightful. I didn’t see their parents anywhere are around so I knew their behavior was not because their parents were watching.

After we left, I thought about their behavior and how proud their parents would be. You can just tell that their parents have trained them right and instilled values in them.

When my children were young I always wondered how they acted when we weren’t around. I can only hope that they were as well behaved as these two young ladies.

I realized also that I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed our conversation to the young girls and I need to do that the next time we have an encounter like this. I believe that young people need reinforcement when they do things that are nice and polite. I don’t mean that I have to be gushing and embarrassing but I think it would be appropriate to let them know that I enjoyed talking to them. This will encourage more appropriate interactions with others.

Do you have chance conversations with young people you don’t know? How did it go? Please share. 

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Pat--I was working a dog rescue event yesterday. A couple of young kids came up to our booth, offering some dog bandanas they had made. They were unique because they had velcro at the tips (no need to tie them). I then spoke to the mom, and spoke to the one child who had the velcro idea. Complimenting him on his design idea, I told him, "Some day, I might see you on the show 'Shark Tank' because you are a clever inventor." They made these bandanas just for dog rescue groups. Kind kids AND clever ones...