Monday, December 28, 2015

Beautiful Moments

In For the Teacher Desperate for Hope from, Petals of Joy wants others to share:

So tell me, dear friends, tell me of the beautiful moments you’ve witnessed as a teacher.”

I have been lucky enough to have many beautiful moments in the classroom and these moments are what sustains me when I frustrated and disappointed with administration and paperwork.

·      The moment students understand what I’m trying to explain.
·      The joy of learning to read something.
·      The smile of satisfaction when students are able to answer a question I ask.
·      The students’ reactions when they receive a passing grade (because they have failed so much before my class.)
·      The students’ amazement when they realize their hard work has paid off.
·      The parents’ joy when I call them to tell them their child is succeeding in my class.
·      When I received a dozen red roses at graduation from a student who learned to read in my class.
·      A former student brought his newly bought truck to my house to show me that he had a good job and was able to pay his own bills.
·      The hugs from students when I have helped them with a problem from another class.
·      Attending former student’s bridal showers, weddings, and baby showers.
·      Keeping in touch with former students who graduated from school and meeting them for lunch.
·      Seeing a student from 20 years ago and she tells me that she still keeps our class motto written on a piece of paper in her wallet. It sustained her during the tough times in her life. (Class Motto: I am a Born Winner!)
·      Seeing my student with emotional disabilities graduate from my class, go on to get his GED, and become a pastor of a church.

What beautiful moments have you experienced as a teacher? Please share.

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