Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gift Giving

This week my knitting group had an ornament exchange. I thought that this would be something that could be done in other situation. We all agree to make an ornament. It doesn’t have to be knit or crocheted but it has to be handmade by the giver. Then we all put our ornament in a brown paper bag so it can’t be recognized. After all the bags are put on a table, we draw numbers to know what order everyone will get to pick a bag.

This is something that can be done in big families, which relieves the burden of making something for everyone. This can be done in big groups where you don’t feel you have to have a gift for everyone. I think this would be something that you can give to an elderly person who doesn’t have room for a lot but you want to give them something or for the person who has everything.

I like this idea because it really gets away from the commercialism of the holidays. By making something, you are giving something of yourself. By taking time to make something, you are letting the person know that they were important enough to make time for them.

In a classroom, it would be fun to allow students to do this without making them feel they have to spend money but also helps them research different possibilities.

Here are some suggestions outside of knitting and crocheting ornaments:

Do you make any handmade gifts? If so, please share.

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