Monday, June 8, 2015

Taking a Sabbatical

In 5 Simple Steps to Plan a Summer Sabbatical from Cool Cat Teacher Blog , Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher asks,

Have you ever taken a sabbatical? What works for you? 

Sometimes I get in a rut and get too connected with others through my laptop, iPad, and phone. I work on my blog and my course material. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos or Netflix while I’m knitting or spinning. But there comes a time that staying connected is too much like drinking too much caffeine. There comes a time when I can’t shut it all off.

There are times that I have to force myself to disconnect. I try to cut my online presence on Sundays by at least 50%. During spring, summer, and fall, I plan camping trips with my husband. Usually when we go camping, there is no cell or internet service.

When I get disconnected like this, I look around and see how lucky I am. I try to remember why I don’t do this more often. When I’m not connected, I realize how much I love being outdoors. I love seeing all of the colors and listening to all of the sounds of nature. I get in this habit of being connected and can’t turn it off.

I think this summer when I’m at home I will set the time. For every hour I am connected, I will do something that is disconnected. I will work hard to get in my 10,000 steps or more each day.

When we have a chance, we will go camping and get away from cell and internet service. Those mini sabbaticals are important and I will use those times to recharge.

What do you do for a sabbatical? Please share. 

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poulingail said...

I go away to a camp on weekends but have found some spotty internet service. When my husband is there, I can play a Pandora station all day while we are at the site. But the truth is, I am checking my email and Facebook all the time as well. Then the internet can go down for a day or more. The forced disconnect is unsettling. I "need" may fix.
Since I am retiring in a couple of weeks, I need to plan some real time for disconnected reflection. What are the things I want to prioritize now? Your reference to step counting is just one thing I need to think about. My personal life has not had a bigger role since being an educator consumed me for so many years. I need to actually disconnect in order to let my mind reconnect with the real me, my husband, my other relationships, and the outside world.