Monday, June 22, 2015

Misconceptions of Reality

“What dangerous things were you taught in school?”

There were many things that we were taught either by being told or watching examples that as I grew older and wiser, I realized just wasn’t true. If you have a chance, read Doug’s post because there is a great list. Here are a few that I would add:

"Only the popular kids will go far in life and become successful. "(Who measures success? I wasn’t popular but had a job I loved and I made a difference. I feel pretty successful.)

Never question the teacher because it is disrespectful. (If you aren’t sure why, always question the teacher. There is a way to ask questions without asking them disrespectfully.)

You should follow directions without asking questions. (This isn’t the military where we are being programmed to do what we are told. Sometimes we understand things better if we know why we are doing them.)

Try to become the teacher’s favorite and you will do better. (No one likes a butt-kisser. Sometimes it is the person who stands their ground who makes a better impression.)

Never rock the boat. (This is why things never change for the better. Sometimes you have to rock the boat to get people to see that some things need to change.)

Don’t fight back. Go tell a teacher. (There are some times when you will have to stand up for yourself. You can’t always depend on someone rescuing you. You don’t have to fight back physically but you can use words. You need to be creative. People respect you more if you stand up for yourself.)

What did you learn in school but found out that reality is quite different? Please share.

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