Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Plans

In Finding One's Voice from Sioux's Page. Sioux asks,

“What are your plans this summer?”

I love summer and the things that we do. Here are some of the things we plan on doing:

Joining the public library’s Summer Reading Program.
Going to Fort Wayne, Indiana and meeting up with another couple we met on a cruise. We had dinner with them every night and really hit it off.
Going to Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit the Gerald Ford Library.
Going to Chicago for a week because I’ve never been there. We will hit all the major tourist spots.
Going to Minnesota for my first knitting retreat.
Going to Wisconsin, which is one of two states, left  (Hawaii is the other) for me to bag on my list of “States Visited.”
Teaching a graduate class for Furman University.
Going camping and enjoying nature.
Hiking with my hiking friends.

What are you plans? Please share.

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