Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Number Photo Challenge

I’ve been doing an Instagram Photo a Day Challenge with Geeky Girls Knit this month and it has been a lot of fun. It involves the number of the day of the month and taking a photo of something representing that number. It was easy at first but as the numbers get bigger, it is harder and harder to do.

I think this would be a great math challenge for the classroom. Students could use a camera or a phone to take a photo and it can be loaded into an album on the computer for each day. At the end of the week, the class could look at the photos.

This would be a great lesson for students of all ages. For the younger ages, you could limit the number that you want to stop at. For older students, you can even use numbers in multiples if you want. At the end of the week, there could even been an anonymous vote for “Best In Show.”

There could be so many variations made from this challenge that I think you could find something to fit the needs of any classroom. What other variations would you suggest? Please share.

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