Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Furman Engaged!

Last week I attended an event at Furman University called Furman Engaged and the website describes it as:

“Furman Engaged! celebrates the wide variety of undergraduate research, scholarship and creativity of our undergraduates. Launched by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Internships in 2009, this annual event brings our campus community and visitors together for a day of presentations, posters and performances across Furman's campus. Our students present topics from a range of disciplines, from research in the sciences and humanities to creative works in the fine arts.”

I attended the Education department session in the morning and heard some wonderful presentations! They included diversity topics such as Identity Issues, Child Abuse, Students with Incarcerated Parents, Foster Care, and Bilingual families. It was interesting to talk with the presenters and hear what their research found and how this information could help them in the classroom. I also learned about some interesting resources that I want read.  It was extra special because some of the presenters were former students.

Next I went to the Physical Activities Center which was a gym filled with poster exhibits from each department. I really enjoyed going to several of them and hearing the presenters. I really enjoyed the presentation on the 3D printer. I have heard of them but never really seen one in action. It was also interesting to get in a discussion about how and why someone would want to have one.

I look forward to this event next year!

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