Monday, April 13, 2015

Leonardo Da Vinci Project

April 15 is Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday. Here are some suggestions for a fun project about him. You can break students into groups and have them do the following parts or have them do it individually.

Reading: Why is Leonardo Da Vinci famous? Find one of the things that made him famous and read about it. Tell what you found out. (Or make a poster of it).

Geography: Locate where you are on a map. Locate on a map where he was born.

Math: How far away was he born from where you are right now? How old would he be today? How much older would he be than you today?

Writing: Write a letter to Leonardo Da Vinci as if he traveled through time to your classroom today. How would you explain the world to him? What important things should he know? What questions would you ask him? Now write a letter back to yourself as if you were Leonardo Da Vinci describing today’s world through his eyes. How would he answer your questions?

Science – Why was Leonardo Da Vinci important to science?

Possible sites to look at:

What other activities would you suggest? Please share.

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