Monday, November 24, 2014

The Use of Technology

timeIn Wasting opportunities at ed tech conferences from Dangerously Irrelevant, Scott McLeod shares,

“I wish we had far fewer tools sessions and much more discussion about technology for the purpose of what?, with an emphasis on the what of deeper learning. What do you think?”

This statement had me really think about my own actions over the past few years. It seems like seven years ago I really was into all of the new tools and programs out there. I couldn’t wait to try all of the things and share them with everyone I knew.

Over the past few years I have even given presentations to help others try these new tools and use the different programs in the classroom. I think they were useful at the time.

But now, I think most people have moved beyond that. I don’t see too many new things out there to introduce to teachers. I think there are many variations of the same tools or programs that do the same things in various ways. Most of these things involve just working and practicing using them.

Now is the time to steer our conversations into using these techniques in the classroom for more effective teaching.

I recently went to a seminar on engaging the student in the classroom and was still surprised how it is still an issue and has been for over 30 years that I’ve been teaching. The problem has been that too many advertisements show new tools and programs as the magic for great teaching but there is no magic cure for teaching. Good teaching is just what it says it is – good teaching which may involve tools, programs, and strategies but it is the teacher who directs the teaching not the tools, programs, or strategies.

I also attended a Council for Exceptional Children meeting and that was the topic of discussion also. Teachers are still having that problem in the classroom.

So, I agree with Scott. It is time to start having more discussions on how we can use technology wisely and effectively in the classroom.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Please share.

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