Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Writing Needs

writingIn What Writers Need from Sioux's Page, Sioux asks,

What do you need as a writer?”

I love writing, as you can tell from the number of posts I’ve written on this blog. I like writing almost as much as I like talking, which is a lot! This question had me thinking about what my needs for writing are and I realized that I don’t need much in order to write. It was fun to list them so here they are.

1. Time – this is the most important because I hate to be rushed when I write something.

2. Inspiration – I might hear something in the news, or see something that triggers a discussion with my husband which in turn becomes a blog post. I might read someone else’s blog post that makes me want to write a response (like this one). Usually my responses are too long to leave as a comment so I end up writing my own post.

3. My laptop – that is my tool of choice! Sometimes I jot notes down in a notebook so I don’t forget or I leave a voice memo on my phone, but the final writing is done on my laptop.

4. No interruptions – I like to get up early in the morning before my husband gets up so I can write with no interruptions. Sometimes I have to save what I’m writing and come back to it, but the best writing gets done when I’m not interrupted.

What are your needs for writing? Please share.

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Time is the most important one. Do you know any store that's selling time really cheaply? I need to purchase a lot.

Have a great holiday, and thanks for the link.