Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reading Nonfiction

booksIn In the Eye of the Beholder from Sioux's Page, Sioux asks,

“Do you turn your nose up at certain types of art or certain genres of books?’

I have to confess that nonfiction is my nemesis. I don’t know why but it is. I have always loved fiction and can read a fiction book quickly. Nonfiction makes me cringe and it takes me much longer to finish a nonfiction book. I don’t know why. Maybe because with nonfiction I have to pay attention and really think. Maybe it invokes feelings that I don’t always like.

I think this is kind of strange because I love watching movies that are based on true stories. Of course, to sell this kind of movie, I’m sure they fictionalize some of it to make it more interesting.

I wonder if my students have this feeling towards assignments that they are given. Maybe it is the type of assignment that they shy away from. It would be interesting to poll them to see what assignments they prefer and what types of reading they prefer. Maybe I can gear my lessons and assignments to their preferences to make it more enjoyable. Then once in a while, I can give them something that is not in their comfort zone to help them broaden their horizons. Knowing that they aren’t in their comfort zone can make me more aware that they might need more help.

One of my goals this year is to read at least one nonfiction book per month. I was wondering if I’m not comfortable with them because I need more practice. Maybe if I read more of them, I will read them more easily and enjoy them more. I have enjoyed the ones I read so the content isn’t the problem.

I like sharing with others that I’m trying to read more nonfiction books and asking them for suggestions. What suggestions do you have for me? Have you read a nonfiction book that you think I might enjoy? Please share.

Image: 'Trial by Sasswood, Esther Sietmann Warner Dendel'
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