Monday, October 6, 2014

My Name

nameIn What's In a Name? from Sioux's Page, Sioux asks,

What do you think of your name? Did you ever have occasion to change it?

I like my first name which is Patricia but growing up, I was always called Patty. Over the years, I spelled it many different ways such as Patti and Pattie but finally settled on Patty. When I ran for public office, my husband told me that I would get more votes by going by Pat since it was a non-gender name. I can tell how long someone has known me by what name they call me. My family and older friends call me Patty and people who became my friends after I was elected call me Pat.

My middle name was Ruth and I was named after my grandmother. I didn’t mind it but it was never used. When I got married, I changed my middle name to my maiden name so it would always be a part of me.

Growing up I was called Loony since my maiden name was Loon. At first I’m sure I was called that as teasing but eventually it just became a way to identify me because there were so many Pats in my school. I was called that through most of school days and some in college too. I decided when I came up with my username on most things I use it as part of my user name. Unfortunately, everyone wants to put an “e” in Loony.

So, tell me about your name. Please share!

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