Monday, November 12, 2012

Teacher Feature - Heather Perry

Teacher-FeatureI am featuring a teacher in my blog each month who someone nominates as being a phenomenal teacher. This month’s teacher is Heather Perry! Congratulations Heather for being this month’s featured teacher!

ST: What school do you teach at?

HP: Mauldin Middle School

ST: What subjects/grade levels do you teach?

HP: Learning Disabled Self-Contained Neurological Disorder and SSA/ Autism Resource

ST: How long have you been teaching?

HP: 12 years

ST: What has been the hardest thing for you as a teacher?

HP: Paperwork, Ugh

ST: What do you feel is the best thing about teaching?

HP: Seeing a student finally get what you are trying to teach them

ST: If money was no object, what would you want for your classroom?

HP: Promethean Board

ST: If you could have anybody in the world visit your class, who would it be?

HP: President Obama because he could see how important education to kids with disabilities and how much potential my students have.

ST: Is there something special or unique that you do in your classroom? Is so, please share.

HP: 2 things- We have a Be A Fan Club that teaches acceptance and understanding of students with disabilities. We have already begun to see the changes in the climate at our school. We also attend Special Olympics 4 times a year with 3 times being overnight trips. This builds friendship between students with and without disabilities and builds independence in each of my students.

If you want to nominate a teacher for me to feature in the upcoming months, please email me (successfulteaching at gmail dot com) their name, school, and contact info. Please consider helping me recognize teachers who sometimes don’t get the recognition that they deserve!

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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