Monday, October 22, 2012

Four Great Halloween Books to Read to Your Classroom

Whenever October rolls around, I always get in the Halloween spirit. As the mother of two young children, I love to pull out a few Halloween books and read to my kids in the days leading up to Halloween. These books not only get my kids excited about Halloween, they're also wonderfully entertaining for me as well. If you're looking for a few Halloween books to read to your students, check out these four unique titles!

Where's My Mummy

where's my mummyThis adorable book is written by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by John Manders. Where's My Mummy follows the main character, Little Baby Mummy, as he tries to find his mummy after losing her during a graveyard game of hide and shriek. On his quest to find his mummy, Little Baby Mummy encounters several kind creatures, including a vampire and skeleton, who all tell him to return home and go to sleep. Will Little Baby Mummy ever find his mummy? Well, you'll have to read to find out. This sweet book is best suited for ages four and up.

Big Pumpkin

big pumpkinThis 32-page, visually breathtaking book is written by Erica Silverman and illustrated by S.D. Schindler. In this Halloween book, we meet a sweet witch who decides to celebrate Halloween by baking a pumpkin pie. The only problem is that the gigantic pumpkin in her garden won't pull away from its vine. In an attempt to aid the witch, some Halloween-centric characters including a ghost, vampire, mummy, and bat come to help her pull the pumpkin away from the vine. Does the witch succeed in making her pumpkin pie? You'll read in eager anticipation to find out! This book is suited for ages four and up.

Where the Wild Things Are

where the wild things areI know, I know: this book is already a worldwide phenomenon, but it's definitely a book you should revisit during Halloween. Over forty years ago, Maurice Sendak wrote and illustrated this children's book, and it immediately became a classic. Where the Wild Things Are follows a mischievous little boy named Max as he ventures into a far-off jungle full of beasts known as "The Wild Things." During his time in the mysterious jungle, Max becomes king of The Wild Things but eventually decides to return home after becoming homesick. It isn't necessarily a Halloween book, but the use of costumes and monsters makes it Halloween enough for me. Read this to children ages four and up.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Afraid of Nothing

the little old lady who was afraid of nothingThis classic story holds a special place in my heart. For one reason or another, I simply can't resist reading it to my kids every time Halloween rolls around. Author Linda Williams tells the story of a little old lady who is followed by pants, a shirt, some shoes, and a pumpkin on her way home to her cottage. Although the inanimate objects seek to scare her time and time again, the little old lady refuses to run away in fear, saying, "I'm not afraid of you." The ending is a delightful twist you certainly won't see coming! This book is suited for ages four and up.

Halloween is a great time to get your students reading, so if you haven't already, check out these four wonderful Halloween titles!

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