Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012 SC Ed Tech Conference Day 1

001General Notes:

1. I was so excited to attend the SC Ed Tech Conference this year. This was my first year attending this state conference so I can’t compare it to others or even comment about accommodations since it was held in my home town.

2. I do like that there was an app for my iPad to use during the conference which was fantastic. I was able to choose the sessions I wanted to go to and mark them as favorites. Then I could just go to that and see what room it was in and who the presenter was.

3. They also used Edmodo and each session was given a code. Presenters could give links to their presentations and other information. Some gave a survey for you to answer before the session. This platform also allowed conversations to continue after the presentation was over and attendees had time to process what they learned. If there were questions, they could be asked and answered for others to see also.

Here are my notes for the sessions I attended:

Learning languages technology

  3. only in Spanish
  4. Learn French on YouTube
  5. Fluent in 3 months - did a Ted talk
  6. Mango languages language - software at Spartanburg and Richland county libraries
  7. Pimsleur CDs
  8. Rosetta Stone
  9. pronoun citations
  10. web bases word processor using special characters from that language. Then you copy and paste.
  11. Gmail - will change your msg to other languages
  13. Language immersion for chrome

If its not free, it's not for me by Tia

  1. Website of the month calendars

Language arts:

  1. Recipes for good writing
  2. The write source - student writing models for all grade levels
  3. Lit charts - alternative to sparknotes; high school
  4. Speak good English movement
  5. Classicly

Social Studies:

  1. SS skills tutor
  2. Go SS go!
  3. Tour wrist - great for writing prompts
  5. (360 app on iPad is great)
  6. Connect the dots for democracy


  1. stem live binder for science
  2. Biodigital human
  3. - csi experience
  4. Edheads


  1. Algebra in the real world
  2. That quiz



Using GPS and Geocaching in a Hitech Adventure

Findit! - GPS app for Ipad


Original photo by Pat Hensley

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