Monday, September 24, 2012

Shenandoah National Park

035A couple of weeks ago we visited one of our favorite national parks on the east coast: Shenandoah National Park. Every year we buy an interagency annual pass. The five agencies that participate in the Interagency Pass Program are:

· National Park Service

· U.S. Forest Service

· U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

· Bureau of Land Management

· Bureau of Reclamation

I think it is well worth the money and since we used the parks and forests so much, it is only fair that we help support them. As soon as my hubby turns 62, we will be able to get a Lifetime pass for $10 (unless it changes before he reaches that age.)

We traveled up and down Skyline Drive. The views were spectacular and I’m always amazed at how beautiful our country is! I have been here numerous times and every time we visit, I have to take a bunch of pictures of the beautiful scenery. One would imagine that I had never seen it before!

We did a few hikes and enjoyed nature. On one of the hikes we met another couple who were from the area. We enjoyed talking with them about hike in the area. The man was a Civil War enthusiast and it was really interesting to hear him talk about the area.

If you have never been to this park or any national park, I highly encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to explore nature. I hope we will always have these places protected and preserved but if we don’t learn to use it, to appreciate it, to share it with others, I’m afraid of what is in the future for these places.

If you go to national parks, what is your favorite park? Please share.

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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