Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Education is Like Football

footballCollege football has started and it is my husband’s favorite time. As we watch the ballgames on TV, I realize how education is so much like football. Let’s compare.

Teams: Each team has a goal in mind and that is to win. In the classrom, each teacher has a goal in mind and that is to prepare and educate our students for the future, which in our mind, is winning. A class is like a team and everyone is working to achieve the same goal. Sometimes we have to help each other.

Touchdowns: Learning consists of steps that are like “first downs.” Each step leads the student closer to the goal line. Each step may be a struggle but it is worth the effort.

Field Goals: These don’t score as many points as a touch down but it helps towards a winning score. These are the small achievements that happen in the classroom. Each small achievement should be celebrated and enjoyed just like a field goal would be.

Penalties: Sometimes mistakes happen and penalties are given. There may be a loss of yardage that the team needs to make up. In the classroom, mistakes also happen. Sometimes for every two steps forward in the classroom, the students end up going back a step. But we don’t give up. We keep struggling to move forward, towards the goal.

Fans: These are the people who cheer for their teams. They are the ones who are on the sidelines encouraging the team to win. In the classroom, these are the parents, family members, friends, other adults who are there to encourage the students to achieve their goals. When the students feel discouraged and frustrated, it is these people who are there to cheer them on.

Referees: Referees are there to make sure that everyone follows the rules and to determine what penalties are given if someone doesn’t. They are there to make sure the game goes smoothly. I think the school administration is a lot like the referees on the field. They make sure that the day goes smoothly.

Coaches: The coaches are the ones to train the teams. They are the ones to encourage them and help them learn the skills they need to win the game. They are the ones who come up with the strategies for the team to use on the field. This is the same way the teacher is in the classroom. The teacher trains the students, encourages them to work toward their goals, and finds strategies students can use to achieve their goals.

Do you see any other ways that Football and Education are the same? Please share.

Image: 'Roll Tide Roll!'
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Sioux Roslawski said...

How about tackling? Football players get taken down, they get tackled. They get stopped in their tracks, but then they brush themselves off, get up, and try it again. Students fail, they stumble, but they try again until they succeed.

loonyhiker said...

@Sioux Thanks for adding that! I did forget that one. :)