Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Using QR Codes in the Classroom

Loonyhiker2This past weekend, someone asked me how I would use QR codes in the classroom. I wanted to give him some suggestions and decided I would write a blog post about this. A year ago I did a presentation for the school district on this and showed some youtube examples too. Here is some ideas:

Book Reviews - video students reviewing books they have read and put it on your class website. Make a QR code for each video. Have these QR codes near the bookshelves and if a student is interested in the book, they can go to the video to find out how their classmates liked the book.

Scavenger Hunt Review - Have students scan the QR code to get a review question. When they get it right, the teacher gives them the location of the next QR code. (Like Amazing Race)

Self Checking - Students can do an assignment and then scan the QR code to see if their answers are correct.

Newsletters - A QR code can be embedded in a newsletter. When scanned it can bring the reader to the teacher’s web site, pictures of the class activity, or a Voicethread presentation by the students.

Vocabulary - A teacher puts a QR Code on vocabulary words and students can read the codes to study the names of items.

Science - Put a QR Code to identify things. Students can identify and check to see if they are right.

Math - Add QR codes to math worksheets with video tutorials of how to solve the problems

Writing - Create a "choose your own adventure" story that has individual QR Codes that need to be scanned in order to advance through the story.

Geocaching: Using a GPS place a series of   markers around your school (recording their position). On each of the markers place a QR Code that contains a question. Students move around using the GPS to find the markers to therefore answer the questions and get the clue to the next marker.

Water Unit - Students scan a code and the class iPod. It gives them a message and they are thrown into a inquiry based investigation about water. The code tells them to start at the water fountain. When they arrive they find another QR Code that gives them a link to a website that has directions and information to complete a task using the water from the water fountain. Once that task is complete they scan another code that opens up the Maps App on their iPod and puts a dot on where they need to walk next. Using their map skills they learned in 3rd grade they navigate to the next spot which happens to be a tree on the playground. There they find a QR code taped to the tree. They scan it and their next mission is given to them…..etc.

Assessment - Testing Schedule - Put the final testing schedule in a QR Code so kids/parents can scan it and then have that information on their cell phone in their pocket.

Porfolio - Cover page for portfolio - students write one summary blog post including hyperlinks to everything done for that period of time. The cover page has a QR Code on it. Anyone can scan the code to get to the summary post including hyperlinks to everything done online

Here are more online resources about QR codes:

QR Codes in the Classroom by Steven Anderson

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes

QR Codes in the Classroom by David Hopkins

Do you have any other suggestions for using QR codes in the classroom? Please share!

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John Romig said...

Pat, this is very helpful! I'm going to try some of these in my class. I'll have to let you know how it goes.