Monday, August 6, 2012

My Photo Journey

072712In What Are You Doing With All Your Photos? from Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech, Dean Shareski asks,

“What are you doing with your photos?”

I take a photo a day 3 of the past 4 years (I took last year off and I really missed it!) and upload them to flickr to share.

I take photos to keep the memories alive. When we travel and go back to the same places, we like to look back at the pictures so we can plan what we want to see and do again.

I like to take photos that I might be able to use on my blog. Sometimes I can’t find a photo that would fit the topic of my blog and then I realize I have it in my own files.

I like to take photos when I am with a group so that I can share our adventures and good times we had. I upload the pictures to Flickr so that I don’t fill everyone’s email with tons of pictures (that are huge files) and they can pick and choose which ones they want to keep.

I take photos to remind myself of things. I take a photo of the parking space (section, number etc.) of where we park if the car is going to be left there for a week. When we return I just look at the photo to get to our car.

I take photos of things in the store I want to buy in order to compare prices. I used to write all this down on a piece of paper but it is so much easier and faster to take a photo of the price tag with sku# to compare. I might also take a photo of the details (size, weight, etc.) if I need them.

I take a lot of photos so that when my husband and I can’t travel anymore, we will be able to sit at home and look back at these photos. We can remember the good times and share the memories.

A local school allows me to use the facilities to run our summer program (a one month practicum for teachers getting their master’s degree in special education). I took photos of the classrooms we were using before we moved in so that we could put the classrooms back the way they were when we were done.

When our tenants move into a house, we take photos of the house inside and out so we can compare it to when they move out. This helps document the condition of the premises so we can determine if they get their deposit back when they move

When we rent a car, I take photos of the car and all the dings and dents so that we can’t be charged for them when we return it.

When we had storm damage on and around our house, I took photos to document the damage in case we filed an insurance claim.

I take a lot of photos of improvements we have done on our house so that my parents who live far away and unable to travel can see what we are doing.

As you can tell, I love taking photos! So now I ask you, what are you doing with your photos? Please share.

Original Photo by Pat Hensley


Cheryloakes50 said...

I take photos for the same reasons. I journal a photo a day, took a year off, but soon going back. Photos of good bottles of wine, snowflakes, the puppy, flowers and friends. Photos are instant moments to share with others!

Anonymous said...

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