Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Acts of Kindness

kindnessIn 10 Inexpensive Ways to Be Kind from Cool Cat Teacher Blog , Vicki Davis states,

“Being kind is so simple. It has often bothered me that we say "random acts of kindness." What if kindness were so common that we just had "random acts of unkindness" but we don't. Everyone wants to be appreciated and encouraged. You can do it too.”

Then she shares some simple ways to be kind to others so please check this post out.

Last night at my knitting group, we talked about people and the meanness out there. My friend’s expensive and beautiful chickens were killed by some teenagers who plucked them and harmed them out of meanness for fun. My friend knows the families and says the kids are not abused but pretty spoiled. She knows that they did it but doesn’t have proof to have them charged so it is just their word against hers.

This made me wonder about some of them. Why hasn’t anyone taught them about kindness? Why hasn’t someone taken them under their wing (like their parents) and modeled acts of kindness. What if they had chosen to help clean the chicken pens or feed the animals instead of harming them? If they are caught and charged, would it help to force them to work with the animals that they want to harm or would it be dangerous? I don’t know.

But I do know that hearing about this makes me want to be more kind to others. I want to make a conscious effort today to do some kind things for others. Maybe I can’t change other people’s behaviors but I know I can change my own. I can’t help the dead chickens but I can do things to try to help my friend. I guess I want to try to make up for other people’s meanness.

As Vicki shares, “Being kind may be free but when you're kind you become priceless.”

Maybe I’ll see you out there spreading some kindness! Please share some of the things you have done lately. It might give me some new ideas of things I can do. Thanks!

Image: 'Be kind, for everyone you meet is+fighting+a+harder+battle.+~Plato'

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