Monday, June 4, 2012

10 Things I Need to Improve

weedsIn Make a List of Things To Improve Upon Before You Forget Them from I Want to Teach Forever, Mr. D talks about a list of “things you need to improve upon the following year.  Framing it this way, instead of a list of "things I didn't do well" or "ways I suck as a teacher" makes you think specifically in a constructive, actionable way.”
I decided to make my own list of things. So, here they are:

1. Weeding my flower beds. If I don’t do this regularly, the weeds take over and it is much harder to do this. If I stay on top of them on a regular basis, I don’t hate it as much.

2. Trying new recipes. I get in a rut and keep making the same boring dishes over and over again.

3. Eating healthier. I love cookies, brownies, macaroni and cheese, and pasta. I need to eat more fresh vegetables and fewer starches.

4. Running. I would like to be able to run a 5K (not that I would enter one. I just want to know that I can do it).

5. Spinning yarn. I want to spin a yarn that is more consistent and I know it will just take lots of practice.

6. Knitting sweaters. I want to knit a sweater that fits me perfectly and that I knit exactly the way it should be knit.

7. Keeping in touch with friends and family. I need to touch base with them more regularly. I call my parents almost every other day but I have some aunts and cousins that I need to stay in touch with.

8. Cleaning my house. I have started a schedule where on a certain day. I will tackle one room and clean it. That way I won’t feel overwhelmed with trying to clean the whole house in one day.

9. Practice my Chinese. I took a few classes but I don’t practice it so I lose a lot of what I’ve learned.

10. Playing pool. We have a beautiful pool table but I never use it (other than as an extra table to put things on). Now that we have a new sun room and may start inviting others over, we might want to play pool so I should practice it.

What things would you like to improve on? Please share.

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rebecca said...

#4 - try Couch 2 5K - I did and ran a 5K in 9 weeks! I felt like a rock star. And #6 - knitting doesn't have to be long as you love it! Good luck! I like the goals....