Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Using Available Tools

toolsIn She Isn’t Using Technology —from Tech Thoughts By Jen, Jennifer tells about a teacher at her school.

“She is a good teacher — NOT because she uses technology — but because she uses her resources.  Any and all — to make her classroom a great place to be!”

When I talk to some teachers, they are quick to let me know that they aren’t “into technology.” I am always amazed at how defensive they become when I mention some resources that I found online. I love to find resources and ideas online but I also get ideas from other places too. Sometimes I do more research online to find out a more detailed explanation about a new idea.

Teachers don’t have to “use technology” to be a great teacher. But I believe that teachers do need to know about resources that are available to be more effective. One of the resources is using technology. My students use technology and if they feel I am so out of touch with technology, I believe that they will think everything I am trying to teach them is obsolete too. I’m not saying that I need to know everything about technology, because I have learned a lot from my students. I don’t want to say I’m not “into technology” which can be interpreted to mean I really don’t care to learn about it. What if our students said the same thing about my teaching?

I have used technology to find other resources to help me in the classroom. Connecting with others, I have found a Skype Author network where authors can “come” into the classroom and talk to students. By searching the web, I have found great lessons to use in the classroom. When I want to do something and want to learn, I have watched YouTube videos to learn how to do this. When I needed an answer to a question, I have posted it on Twitter and Plurk and received lots of help from others, almost immediately.

I don’t feel that I necessarily need to use technology in the classroom to be more effective. But I feel I need to know how to find information and connect with others by using technology. I feel it is an important part of my personal and professional development. It is necessary for me to grow as a person and a professional. I feel it is important for me to get “into technology” to find out the resources that are available out there for me to be a better teacher.

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Yes, technology is not a requirement for good teaching. I have visited schools (in 2011) that had chalkboards still--no dry erase boards and definitely not smartboards. They were exemplary schools, despite the absence of technological luxuries.