Monday, February 27, 2012

Legal Resources for Special Education

068I attended this session present by Dr. Laura Mohr. She informed us how to find legal resources for Special Education the internet.

Here are my notes from this session:

South Carolina Department of Education
· Click on Agency >Accountability>Exceptional Children>IDEA
· Announcements about events or information for public dissemination
· SC Special Education Advisory Council
· Grants Information and forms
· Fiscal Monitoring
· Self=assessment Information(Districts)/Indicators
· Parent Resources for Professional Development
· Response to Intervention Guidelines Manual
· Medical Homebound Instruction- Guide for Parents and School Districts (not homebased!)
· Guidelines for Seclusion and Restraint
· State REgulaion Information
· Transition
· District Profiles - Data reporting
· Dispute Resolution Information
· Publications
· Child Find Material
· Testing Accommodations Manual
· Administration and Professional Qualifications, Duties, and Workloads - Regulation No. R 43-205
· Required Credentials for Professional Staff Members in the Instructional Programs in SC’s Public School
· FAQs such as serving students with disabilities in charter schools, alternative schools and adult education

Education Agency Provider Manual
Medicaid Bulletins

Federal Government - US Department of Education

· “One Stop Shop” for resources related to IDEA and it’s implementation. Go to Building the Legacy, IDEA 201
· Guidance documents and FAQs on topics such as alternative assessments, discipline, IEPs, Evaluations and reevaluations, diproportionality, monitoring, procedural safeguards, and secondary transition issues.
· Training Modules on IDEA 2004
· The Federal Register - after a law is passed
· Learning Port - national online library of professional development resources

Other Resources

· Council For Exceptional Children
· Council of Administrators of Special Education
· National Association of School Psychologists
· LD Online
· Pro-parents
· Family Connection
· Protection and Advocacy

Do you have any other legal resources that you think are useful? Please share!

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