Monday, February 6, 2012

Dream Big

DreamsIn Rightsizing your passion from Seth's Blog, Seth Godin states,

“If you’re short on passion, it might be because your goals are too small or the fear is too big.”

This is so true!

When I was young, I always wanted to be a teacher. That was my big dream! As I got older, I realized that my father made less money than most of my friends’ parents who had 2 working parents. When I decided which college I wanted to go to was a private university out of state, I knew that there was no way I could afford to go there. But I decided to dream big. I worked hard and acted as if that was where I would go and do whatever it took to get there. When I applied to the university, I could only afford to apply to one place so I sent in my application with the belief that I would be accepted. I decided to worry about finances after I got accepted. Then I was accepted through “Early Admissions” and decided that the finances would work out. I applied for financial aid and some federal loans and scholarships. All were given to me so I actually got to attend my dream university! Every year, I worked hard to earn money and keep up my grades so I could return the next year. It was hard but I dreamed the big dream and it happened.

I could have listened to those naysayers who told me that private schools were too expensive. I was also told that there was no way I could financially attend. I was told that there was no way I would get any loans (my father didn’t make enough money to repay it) or scholarships (I wasn’t as smart as my classmates) to attend this school. But I was determined! I declared my emancipation from my parents and was able to obtain loans. I studied harder to make sure my grades were good enough to earn scholarships. My mother used to tell me that “where there is a will, there is a way.” I believed her.

I could have had smaller dreams like just going to college instead of the university that I had my heart set on. I could have gotten small jobs to financially afford a local community college. I could have settled on less. Instead I had the passion to dream the big dream. In dreaming the big dream, I think you have to believe that it can happen and not let others pull you away from that belief.

Sure, I could have failed and not achieved my big dream. But what was the worst that could happen? I would have to attend a small community college near home (not going to college was not an option at all). So, I had nothing to lose and only everything to gain to dream big.

I’m not saying that it is okay to dream big and hope it falls in your lap. I’m saying that you should dream big and then work to make that dream come true. It can happen.

Image: 'Big League Dreams'

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