Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My 2010 Edublogs Awards Nominations

ebawardlogoHere are my nominations for 2010 Edublogs Awards. I had a really hard time choosing for each category because I read so many wonderful blogs. So, I finally bit the bullet and chose some for this. But if I didn’t mention you, it isn’t because I don’t think you are great, it only means that I had to choose only one. Thanks to all for inspiring and motivating me. These blogs have made me want to create, connect, and collaborate which I believe is vital to world of education.

First: The rules

Step 1: Write a post on your blog linking to:

You can nominate:

  1. For as many categories as you like,
  2. But only one nomination per category,
  3. A blog (or site) for more than one category
  4. Any blog or site you like but not your own blogs (sites) clip_image001

Step 2: Email us the link to your nomination post

Now, my nominations are:

Best individual blog: Learning is Messy Blog
Best resource sharing blog: Free Technology for Teachers
Most influential blog post: PSI Tutor: Mentor
Best teacher blog: Online Sapiens
Best librarian / library blog: Cathy Nelson’s Professional Thoughts
Best school administrator blog Principals Page: The Blog
Best educational tech support blog: E4Africa
Best elearning / corporate education blog: Universitatis
Best educational podcast: http://bobsprankle.com/bitbybit_wordpress/
Best educational use of a social network: Universitatis
Lifetime achievement: So You Want To Teach

Good luck to all of the nominees!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Pat for having nominated Universitatis. It means a lot to us.

Cathy Jo Nelson said...

Thanks for the "Best Library/Librarian Blog" Nomination. There is such steep competition in my category. I have started my own nomination list, but cant seem to find time to finish it!! Looks like you and I read a lot of the same blogs too! Great minds think alike!

emapey said...

Thank you very much Pat!! I appreciate very much the nominations from an excellent teacher as you.

Kobus van Wyk said...

Thank you very much for your nomination ... I am honoured indeed!