Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dark Clouds or Sun?

clouds I found another great blog post “ Which Are You? Transmitter or Transformer? Light or Dark? by TJ Shay.

He asks, “So, which are you..... The dark rain cloud, or the light?”

When I first read this, I immediately thought that I wanted to definitely be the light all of the time. I mean, let’s face it; no one likes the dark clouds. And I don’t want people to see me as a dark cloud, right? I want everyone to see me as the sunny positive person all of the time.

But in reality, I know that it isn’t possible. I want to be the sunny person most of the time. I want to have a positive outlook on the future. I want to hope that I am making a difference by sharing my knowledge and expertise with others. Hopefully, this positive outlook will be infectious to others and grow like a ripple in the water.

Yet, at times it is necessary to be the dark cloud. Just like in nature, without the dark clouds, we wouldn’t appreciate the sun as much. Sometimes we need the dark clouds to make us realize where we need to improve or what we need to change. Real life isn’t sunny all of the time. Being the dark cloud can put the big picture into perspective. Nothing is perfect and there is always something that can be changed to improve the current situation.

I see the dark cloud part of me as the part that questions and doubts what I hear, see, or read. I should not just be accepting of what is shown to me or told to me. This is the part where I need to use my critical thinking and analyze what is being given. Eventually I might decide that what I am learning is worth believing in or it clarifies my thoughts better, but by blinding believing everything, is not what is best for anyone. The dark cloud does not have to be seen as a negative force in my life.

I need to make sure that the dark cloud is not THE driving force that gives my life direction. There needs to be a balance between dark clouds and light. Too much of anything is not good for anyone. I guess that is why I like living in the south so much because I feel nature has this balance that influences my life.

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Original image: 'Retreating thunder'
http://www.flickr.com/photos/28734213@N00/2966962033 by: Niklas Sjöblom


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat! I've found this post very inspiring. You are definitely right, light and dark live together inside everyone. We are human beings and therefore, we are full of contradictions inside ourselves. For that reason, it is extremely necessary to reflect upon whatever we do, to realise when we are turning into dark clouds so that, we can go back to the right path and shine again. A post for my blog is being shaped inside my head, I'll get to it when I have some time and share it with you. Lots of kisses from sunny Buenos Aires (Finally the sun is shining here! I don't envy you anymore)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat! I've finally got down to writing my post. Here you can see another example of a teacher turning from being a dark cloud into a sun shining (of course, that teacher is me!) http://sabridv.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/the-importance-of-reflection/