Friday, October 30, 2009

Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 10/30/09

Here are some interesting sites that I’ve found this week, thanks to my Personal Learning Network (PLN). As a teacher, I feel we have to keep up to date concerning research in our field and current issues in the education system. I hope some of these inspire you, inform you, and even have you asking questions. Thank you for coming by and visiting!

Creative Park – “The Creative Park Web site offers ideas and templates for any lesson plan with projects ranging from 3D Paper Crafts, to scrapbooks and calendars and even tips on digital photography! It is a simple and interactive way to help teach students about geography, history, social studies, sciences and more. These smart ideas are both an easy and affordable way to turn your classroom into a creative environment. To learn more, please visit For years Canon has been bringing you its cutting edge technology into your home, now let us help you in the classroom. We have a range of products and projects that can make learning fun and interactive. Learning to think creatively is an essential part of a child’s development and can be integrated into your everyday lessons at, whether you are printing up photos to get to know your students or working on a Creative Park project. “

Witty Comics - Make a Comic – free; make a comic strip with a 2 person dialogue. Great way to practice social skills or job skills. You can change the background, the people, and the word bubbles. Then just add the words.

Brain Flips – “user-friendly and effective flashcards anywhere, for students and self-motivated learners of all ages and academic levels. is your free one-stop source for flashcards on any subject.”

Online Spirograph – “This fun online kids game is a free internet version of the classic spirograph pattern-making toy.”

Doodle Source – “Get the latest Google logos and information about them”

Original image: 'Beautiful Tools' by: THOR


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